joistwood stringwash 

it’s older inside

fomir iii

fomir II


child of the gods

Artist: Daffodil
Track: Sewer Dirge
Plays: 42

surrogate mother

i found it necessary to create a ritual area - a liminal circle - which I constructed from chain, and rope, and bits of fur I stole from the back porch of Psycho Dave, who made satanic implements from the corpses of opossum and raccoon that he’d find by the side of the road

I’d be on the spot to shut it down, and lather on the friendly. To the flesh of my mouth.
That’s just what they did. The fights aside, it was not difficult, it was the heart of my heart; the region’s two feathers were able to get together, to hold each other and know love, and to have themselves a solid happy time with their night, fire, illegal boozes, bad kids from other towns, dancing, music, and lots of food.
  • we all knew it would end in blood
     but we wanted happy so we loved you anyway