disease runs deep

meat realizes
at the moment it vouchsafes
its heroic secret legacy
in the form of a boiling eye
of memory and tactics
to its brave niece
who fights in a rebel army
that resists the evil overlords
that it was born rotten


radio sanity

dark is good

this is where I post four pieces of soothing audio a night, at midnight EST. Artists presented there are independent, human, driven to do this, only for your benefit. Suck at this like a bee at a blossom. Knead it with your hands and mouth. Hold it and let it cradle you, in the dark - the endless, wondrous, perfect dark.


intensely difficult graphic solution, source of personal pride and hope for the possibility of adding any small thing to the canon of arts and visual philosophy, deeply emotional a/o technically unique example of oblique uses of primitive and hi tech media

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lol fandom buttsex boobs dicks hatespeech wat lol

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I have no clue if you like projects like this or not


This might have already reached you, however I hope it doesn’t hurt to link you it again!

-this is tumblr user used to be abhorticulture, on a new blog!

way into it - food is an issue that I feel strongly about. Food indexes strongly with excellence in the arts, as well as math and science. I’ll find something appropriate and submit!

secretly, I love to submit

a blue myoclonic seizure

the construct

profane language


she’s her own ghost lover

vectors and gradients: flowers

vectors and gradients